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Careway Allergy Hayfever Relief Cetirizine 10mg 30 tablets image
Up to66%POR
Careway Allergy & Hayfever Relief, Cetirizine 10mg 30 tablets PIP: 602-2479
Order via OTC
Careway Allergy Hayfever Relief Cetirizine 10mg 14 tablets
Up to66%POR
Careway Allergy & Hayfever Relief, Cetirizine 10mg 14 tablets PIP: 602-2438
Order via OTC
Careway Paracetamol Suspension 120mg 5ml
Up to63%POR
Careway Paracetamol Suspension 120mg/5ml (P) PIP: 605-7269
Order via OTC
Careway Ibuprofen Susp 100mg 5ml
Up to60%POR
Careway Ibuprofen Susp 100mg/5ml PIP: 879-5973
Order via OTC
Careway Cold Sore Cream
Up to55%POR
Careway Cold Sore Cream PIP: 879-5999
Order via OTC
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Help you offer better prices to your customers which generates more footfall and interest in your pharmacy products

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It's not just about the products but also the quality and expert advice you can provide

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